Improving Customer Experience Helps 3Rivers Grow Revenues & Increase Customer Count
Like many businesses during the recent recession, 3Rivers has faced tough economic times.  New customer acquisition was flat and revenues were on the decline.  Traditional methods of growing revenue were falling short of expectations.  3Rivers needed a way to grow revenues and drive customer acquisition.

Research showed that customer experience was becoming more important in maintaining a competitive advantage.  3Rivers realized that it must provide a customer experience that exceeded customer expectations in order to compete.
In 2010, 3Rivers established a program that could 1) collect feedback to help guide future changes and 2) measure the impact of the planned offers and procedural changes.  See the red Results box to learn the outcome just one year later.

From this case study, the reader will learn,

  • The different types of surveys and feedback mechanisms used by 3Rivers to drive change.
  • How 3Rivers uncovered an issue not on their radar but was a real concern to their customers.
  • How feedback helped 3Rivers better segment their customer base for more effective communication.
  • How 3Rivers improved their word of mouth referrals by 8 times.

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